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Proxies & Information Certificates

Thomas Kortko
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The article reflects on the impact of the new proxy forms and information certificates introduced under the amended Condominium Act on property managers and condominium management. It acknowledges the need for universal and mandatory documentation for communication and efficiency but points out the challenges posed by poorly designed and onerous forms. The article discusses the complexities and confusion faced by property managers in interpreting and completing the forms, resulting in varying professional opinions. The negative consequences of the new proxy form on owner meeting attendance are noted, and the use of online proxy gathering is explored. Similarly, the article discusses the challenges posed by information certificates, their burdensome production, and the discrepancies between documents. The need for enhancements and streamlining of forms and processes is emphasized to better serve and inform condominium owners.


Proxy forms, information certificates, Condominium Act, property managers, management, communication, efficiency, challenges, amendments, condominium management, owner meetings, attendance, online proxy gathering, industry consultation, efficiency, streamlining.

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Thomas Kortko
Proxies & Information Certificates
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