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Property Manager Shortage

Tania Haluk & Brad Wells
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In a recent panel discussion at the Condominium Conference, Tanya Haluk and Brad Wells addressed the shortage of property managers and its impact. With a 1:16 ratio of licensed managers to condominiums in Ontario, a crisis looms, exacerbated by upcoming construction projects. Recognized credentials are crucial to professional management, and while change is challenging, it's vital for long-term career development.

The shift involves transforming traditional models, embracing automation, and leveraging technology for streamlined administration. The focus is on maximizing efficiency, responding promptly, and utilizing technology for tasks. Boards and service providers need to collaborate to enhance residents' experiences. As the industry evolves, an exciting future awaits the role of management and customer service delivery.

Brad Wells emphasizes the competitive landscape for licensed managers. Management companies now compete to attract and retain skilled professionals, leading to salary hikes and signing bonuses. To sustain this, management fees increase, impacting budgets. Quality management companies are interviewing boards before engagement, aiming to avoid problematic clients. Shifting from traditional staffing models, a blend of experienced and limited license managers, along with reconsidering on-site hours, helps adapt to the shortage.

The industry needs to promote condominium management as a rewarding profession and encourage continuous learning to address the ongoing property manager shortage.


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Tania Haluk & Brad Wells
Property Manager Shortage
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