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Proper Planning and Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles in your Building

Adrian Abramovic
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Highlights the growing popularity of electric vehicles (EVs) and the need for proper planning and infrastructure in residential and commercial condominiums to accommodate the rise in EV ownership. It discusses the importance of complying with the Condominium Act's provisions related to EV charging station installations and suggests a two-pronged approach to facilitate proper EV charging infrastructure development.

The first prong involves conducting a Load Management Analysis and Central EV Design of the electrical system. This includes hiring a professional electrical engineer to assess the building's electrical loads, capacity, and potential for EV charging stations. A central electrical infrastructure is designed to serve EV charging stations, ensuring efficient and organized implementation.

The second prong involves creating an EV Installation Guideline for owners and residents. This guideline clarifies the technical requirements for EV charging station installations, addressing issues such as wiring, equipment locations, responsibilities, metering, maintenance, insurance, and warranties. It encourages proper communication between parties and expedites the approval process.

Metering and billing responsibilities are placed on the owners, and options for smart multi-metering power panels or individual smart meters with load management software are discussed as viable solutions for managing EV charging stations.


Electric vehicles (EVs), EV charging stations, condominiums, infrastructure planning, Load Management Analysis, Central EV Design, EV Installation Guideline, electrical engineer, central power panel, metering, billing, smart meters, communication, Condominium Act.

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Adrian Abramovic
Proper Planning and Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles in your Building
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