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Project Selection: Use These 8 Selection Methods for Better Strategic Results

Peter Landau
Publication date:
April 13, 2022
Article Summary: 

Project Selection: Use These 8 Selection Methods for Better Strategic Results

Project selection is the process of evaluating projects to ensure they align with your strategic objectives and deliver maximum performance. It is done by the project portfolio manager, program manager or project management office (PMO). Effective project selection creates a better return on investment (ROI), which is the bottom line when talking about financial benefits for any project. The project selection process is essential to making sure the project you're appraising will align with the overall strategic goals and objectives of the organization. Project selection methods are used to help make the right decision when choosing a project.

Cost-benefit analysis is used to estimate the costs and benefits associated with a particular project, while scoring models are used to score each project according to its relevance, importance and priority. Payback period is used to determine the ratio between the total cash to the average cash period, while net present value takes into account the future value of money. Net present value is a positive and the one with the highest net present value is the best project to select. It doesn't give a picture of profit or loss and isn't a method for figuring out the discount value used for the present value calculation. Constrained optimization methods are used to evaluate larger projects that are more complicated.

There are three main techniques: integer programming, linear programming and dynamic programming. Integer programming involves looking at a decision that involves integer values, not fractional ones. Linear programming is about reducing the project cost by shortening the time necessary to complete the project. Dynamic programming is used to break complex problems into a series of simpler ones. It allows


project selection, project selection methods, project scoring models, project portfolio management, strategic alignment, cost-benefit analysis

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Peter Landau
Project Selection: Use These 8 Selection Methods for Better Strategic Results
April 13, 2022
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