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Project Organization 101: How to Structure Your Project

Kris Hughes
Publication date:
October 8, 2019
Article Summary: 

Project Organization 101: How to Structure Your Project

The most important details in this text are that project organization is the structure of the project, and that there are three areas of competence and responsibility in a project organizational structure: project leadership, the project team and the project board. Project organization is a process that provides the arrangement for decisions on how to realize a project, and is then presented to the project stakeholders. There are three types of project organizational structures: functional, projectized and virtual. Functional is when the organizational departments are grouped by areas of specialization, while projectized is when the entire organization is organized by the project. Virtual is when the project manager is the hub in the network.
Multi-division is a type of organizational structure that determines a project's management. A project organization chart is an important tool that establishes the formal relationships between the project manager, project team, development organization, the project itself and project stakeholders. The project manager creates the project structure, which must meet the project needs throughout its phases. The object of a project organization is to help the team achieve the project goal and do their best. The project organization chart will identify the roles and responsibilities of the team, but also detail those team members selected for those roles. To do this, there are six steps to take.


project organization, project management, project scope, project definition, project scope statement, project objectives, project charter, project plan, multi-divisional structure

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Kris Hughes
Project Organization 101: How to Structure Your Project
October 8, 2019
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