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Project Kickoff Meeting: How to Write a Kickoff Meeting Agenda

Ryan Buma
Publication date:
December 2, 2021
Article Summary: 

Project Kickoff Meeting: How to Write a Kickoff Meeting Agenda

A project kickoff meeting is an important part of the project initiation phase. It is used to get the project team and client on the same page and set the right tone for the project as it moves into the execution, monitoring and controlling phases. It is usually led by the project manager and involves an internal kickoff meeting with just the project team, and an external kickoff meeting with the project client, project sponsor or stakeholder. The purpose of the meeting is to communicate the project goals and objectives to ensure the team and client are clear on what they should be doing in the project. It also helps to avoid scope creep down the line.

A kickoff meeting is different depending on the type of project, and can include a demo or a deck. The most important details in a successful kickoff meeting are the project background, project scope overview, project timeline overview, and project deliverables. The project background is a history of the project and how it came to be, while the project scope overview is a detailed description of the project work. The project timeline overview is the backbone of any project schedule and should include milestones, tasks, dependencies and due dates. The project deliverables are laid out on a chronological timeline and must be clearly communicated to ensure there is no confusion from the project team.


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Ryan Buma
Project Kickoff Meeting: How to Write a Kickoff Meeting Agenda
December 2, 2021
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