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Project Documentation: 15 Essential Project Documents

Jason Westland
Publication date:
August 9, 2022
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Project Documentation: 15 Essential Project Documents

Project management software is essential for running a smooth project. It helps streamline processes and deliver success, but not all project management software is created equal. To help make an educated decision, we've sampled the 16 best project management software products and rated each according to what they do well and where they're lacking. Project management is simply using various processes, methodologies, skills, knowledge and experience to plan, execute and track projects. Projects are specific in terms of having a start and end date and will be constrained by a budget.

The triple constraint of time, cost and scope can impact any project, and each of these three constraints can be adjusted to deliver the project under its quality expectations. There are a number of different methodologies used to manage projects, ranging from the traditional waterfall methodology to agile environments. Project management software addresses the many different pieces of delivering a project and coordinates them so they work better together. It offers the following features: project planning, team collaboration, resource management, task management, time tracking, and cost management. The top-16 project management software solutions on the market offer these features.


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Jason Westland
Project Documentation: 15 Essential Project Documents
August 9, 2022
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