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Professional Condominium Manager

Bill Colucci
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The article addresses the professional growth and recognition of property managers in the condominium industry. It highlights that property managers often start as novices but have the opportunity to progress through a combination of formal education, real-life experience, and interaction with challenging residents. The article emphasizes the need for property managers to develop technical skills, interpersonal abilities, and professionalism. It discusses the misconception among residents about the roles and responsibilities of property managers, as well as the political and civil servant nature of the condominium industry. The author encourages property managers to showcase their credentials, education, and experience to assert their professionalism and distinct role within the industry.


property manager, professional growth, condominium industry, education, professionalism, challenging residents, technical skills, interpersonal abilities, civil servant, recognition, credentials, industry role, career progression.

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Bill Colucci
Professional Condominium Manager
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