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Product Backlog and Sprint Backlog: A Quick Guide

Jason Westland
Publication date:
March 9, 2022
Article Summary: 

Product Backlog and Sprint Backlog: A Quick Guide

Agile is a useful project management methodology when used right, but if the whole team is not familiar with it, things can become inefficient. To avoid this, all agile team members must know what a product backlog and sprint backlog are, both of which are essential for planning and prioritizing tasks in agile project management. A product backlog is a list that compiles all the tasks and user stories that must be done to complete the whole project, and an effective product backlog breaks down each of the backlog items into a series of steps that help the development team. The product backlog is important for product management, the implementation of agile, and is one of the seven scrum artifacts. To respond to changes and adapt to an agile framework, agile teams constantly update their product backlogs, known as backlog grooming or backlog refinement.

An example of a product backlog is created using ProjectManager, a project management software for agile and hybrid teams. The sprint backlog is a subset of the product backlog that contains only the product backlog items that can be completed during each agile sprint. It is frozen for the length of the sprint and can be changed during the planning meeting. To work effectively, the team must understand the difference between a product backlog and a sprint backlog and how these two scrum artifacts interact to move the project forward. The product backlog is composed of tasks that must be completed to bring in a successful project.

It is created by the product owner, who is the project's key stakeholder and has a full vision of the project. To make the process as thorough as possible, it must be organized and explained in full as part of the plan to move successfully through the project. The product owner knows what the customer wants and can work backward from there to make sure everything is done to meet that goal.


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Jason Westland
Product Backlog and Sprint Backlog: A Quick Guide
March 9, 2022
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