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Plumbing 101: Glossary of Terms

Sarah McKenzie
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This glossary provides a comprehensive list of plumbing terms relevant to property managers, offering definitions and explanations for each term. From basic components like adaptors and couplings to more complex systems like drain tile systems and mixing valves, the glossary covers a wide range of plumbing concepts. Additionally, it includes information on common issues like back-flow, hard water, and pinhole leaks, as well as solutions such as re-piping and water conservation audits.


Plumbing, glossary, property manager, terminology, adaptors, annealing, back-flow, cleanout, coupling, drain cleaning, drain tile system, escutcheon, epoxy pipe lining, faucet, gate valve, gray water, hard water, hydraulic pressure, instantaneous water heater, isolation valves, kitec plumbing, liquid waste, lead, main line, manifold, mixing valve maintenance, nipple, oakum, open site drain, PEX piping, pinhole leaks, re-piping, retrofitting, risk assessment program, riser, sewage, stack, sump pump, thermostatic mixing valve, trap, union, vent, velocity, water hammer, water conservation audit.

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Sarah McKenzie
Plumbing 101: Glossary of Terms
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