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Paving is Easy! (When You Plan)

Jeff Truman
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Emphasizes the importance of careful planning, design, execution, and communication in paving projects for townhome or commercial condominiums. It discusses how well-designed paving projects can enhance aesthetics, property values, and resident experience. The article breaks down the key components of a successful paving project based on the Project Management Institute's five main project processes: Initiate, Plan, Execute, Control, Close. The Initiate phase involves identifying the reasons for the project, such as addressing asphalt deterioration or drainage issues. The Plan phase involves considerations like unit driveways, curbs, watermain repairs, phasing the work, and accessible parking stalls. The Execute phase emphasizes proper design for stormwater management and subgrade stability. It also suggests prequalifying contractors and obtaining multiple prices through tendering. The Control phase emphasizes effective communication to maintain stakeholder involvement and satisfaction. Finally, the Close phase involves inspections, asphalt testing, site clean-up, and landscaping reinstatement. The article underscores that a well-executed paving project requires a comprehensive approach that accounts for various factors to ensure a successful outcome.


Paving projects, condominiums, project management, initiate, plan, execute, control, close, aesthetics, property values, stormwater management, subgrade stability, communication, contractor prequalification, tendering, asphalt testing, landscaping reinstatement.

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Jeff Truman
Paving is Easy! (When You Plan)
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