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Owners Guide to Condo Living

Gerrit Roosenboom
Publication date:
July 21, 2022
Article Summary: 

This article recounts the author's experience of purchasing a condo unit from building plans and sales brochures in 1999. The tentative occupancy date was delayed by several months, causing inconvenience and expenses for the buyer. Upon inspection, there were numerous deficiencies in the unit that took three years to rectify. A Steering Committee was formed to guide owners through the Condominium Property Act, proposed Condo Plan, bylaws, and Home Warranty Program. The committee sought advice from condo lawyers and engineering firms, making necessary changes to the Plan and bylaws before registration. The developer went into receivership around the time of registration, but careful financial planning and contacting the Home Warranty program helped protect purchasers' interests. Despite challenges, the building's proactive Board and social committee have created a positive and pleasant atmosphere for residents.


Condo Living, Condo Unit Purchase, Construction Delays, Deficiencies, Steering Committee, Canadian Condominium Institute, Condo Lawyer, Engineering Firm, Condo Property Act, Condo Plan, Home Warranty Program, Financial Planning, Receivership, Board of Directors, Social Committee, Positive Atmosphere.

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Gerrit Roosenboom
Owners Guide to Condo Living
July 21, 2022
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