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Overcoming Chargeback Hazards

J. Robert Gardiner
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Discusses the challenges and precautions related to chargeback claims against condo unit owners. It highlights two recent cases that emphasize the importance of proper documentation and adherence to chargeback procedures to avoid disputes with owners. The cases, "Beswick v. YRCC 1175" and "PCC 223 v. Tung," illustrate the need for transparency, communication, and evidence when making chargeback claims. The article provides a checklist of steps to follow before exerting a chargeback claim, including analyzing the evidence, documenting the need for work, setting deadlines for owners, obtaining quotes, sending demand letters, and registering liens if necessary. It also mentions the implications of different sections of the Condo Act and the corporation's declaration on chargeback claims. The article emphasizes that while overcoming chargeback challenges can be complex, proper procedures can help avoid disputes and ensure effective recovery of repair expenses and legal costs.


Chargeback claims, Condo unit owners, Documentation, Chargeback procedures, Disputes, Evidence, Transparency, Communication, Condo Act, Liens, Repair expenses, Legal costs.

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J. Robert Gardiner
Overcoming Chargeback Hazards
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