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Outdoor Annual General Meetings

The Association on Condominium Managers of Ontario
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Discusses the benefits and considerations of holding condominium Annual General Meetings (AGMs) outdoors. The article highlights that outdoor AGMs provide opportunities for increased attendance, better ventilation, and a more relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere for participants. It also mentions the importance of ensuring proper seating, sound equipment, and weather contingency plans for outdoor meetings. The blog post emphasizes the need for clear communication with residents, obtaining necessary permits, and adhering to any local regulations or bylaws related to outdoor gatherings. By exploring the option of outdoor AGMs, condominium managers and boards can create a unique and engaging experience for their community members while adhering to safety guidelines.


outdoor annual general meetings, condominium AGMs, increased attendance, ventilation, seating, sound equipment, weather contingency plans, communication, permits, safety guidelines.

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The Association on Condominium Managers of Ontario
Outdoor Annual General Meetings
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