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Opt for Certified Window Installers to Avoid Common Installation Problems

Eco Choice
Publication date:
August 20, 2021
Article Summary: 

Window performance depends on the quality of window installation. Poor installation can lead to leaky windows, air and water leaks, and weaken the structure. Eco Choice Windows and Doors are highly qualified and certified to handle the various installation and replacement tasks for any kind of home. Poor window installation can cause problems with opening and closing, water and draft damage, and jamming when opening and closing. The most important details in this text are the signs of poor window installation.

These include wet stains on the carpet, mold growing near the window, gaps between the sill and frame, foggy glass panes, and uneven window height. Poor window installation can lead to increased energy bills and water damage. It is important to contact a professional for proper window installation to avoid these issues.


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Eco Choice
Opt for Certified Window Installers to Avoid Common Installation Problems
August 20, 2021
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