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Open Communication

Laura Glithero
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The article discusses the importance of communication in conflict management within condominium communities. It highlights the role of transparency and open communication in preventing and resolving disputes. However, it also emphasizes the need to balance transparency with risk management processes to avoid disclosing privileged or confidential information. The article specifically focuses on the publication and distribution of minutes of Board meetings, explaining their importance in providing records of decisions while protecting the corporation and board members from liability. The article further explores the challenges of disclosing records in response to owner requests, emphasizing the need to consider the purpose of the request and ensure that records provided are solely related to the requester's interests as an owner.


communication, conflict management, transparency, risk management, condominium management, minutes of Board meetings, privileged information, confidentiality, records requests, Ontario Condominium Act, transparency, open communication, disputes, liability, privileged or confidential information, records disclosure.

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Laura Glithero
Open Communication
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