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Online Payments in HOAs & Condominiums

Concierge Plus
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Online Payments in HOAs & Condominiums have become increasingly important, especially during the pandemic when social distancing is a priority. To address this, Concierge Plus offers an Online Store module that allows HOAs and condominium associations to provide residents with a simple and cashless payment experience for various products and services. The module streamlines the management of everything from air filters to pool passes, with funds being deposited directly into the association's bank account with no additional transaction fees. In addition, they offer an ACH/Card Payments module that automates and integrates payment handling, eliminating manual processing and reducing errors. This module enables residents to view their accounts and make payments conveniently from any device while keeping track of their balance and payment status in real-time. By simplifying and streamlining payment operations, Concierge Plus aims to help associations improve payment collections and reduce delinquencies.


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Concierge Plus
Online Payments in HOAs & Condominiums
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