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Notes on the 2019 Clearwater Buildings XIV International Conference

Melissa Pound
Publication date:
January 24, 2020
Article Summary: 

The 2019 Buildings XIV International Conference, held every three years in Clearwater, Florida, is a building science conference sponsored by ASHRAE and the US Department of Energy. Dr. John Straube, an expert in building science, shares insights about the conference, including the importance of staying informed about new tools, solutions, and young professionals in the industry, as well as giving back to the industry by sharing knowledge with other participants. Straube also discusses the highlights of the conference, such as learning about common practices in Europe, which may not be published in papers, and the insights of keynote speakers, particularly the need to assess different trades and climates for unique solutions. Finally, Straube also highlights the importance of bridging foundational research with practical applications, and how all of RDH’s papers presented at the conference achieve this.


Buildings XIV International Conference, Clearwater, Florida, ASHRAE, US Department of Energy, building science, research, learning, solutions, European practices, foundational research, practical applications, RDH papers.

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Melissa Pound
Notes on the 2019 Clearwater Buildings XIV International Conference
January 24, 2020
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