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No License Plate Sticker? How to Now Enforce Condominium Parking Rules?

Kristi Sargeant-Kerr
Publication date:
June 3, 2022
Article Summary: 

The Ontario government announced the end of license plate renewal fees and sticker fees, causing concerns for condominium corporations on how to enforce their parking rules. Many condominium parking rules require vehicles to have a current and valid registration and license. While the lack of a valid license plate sticker is evidence of a parking rule breach, condominium corporations should consider the overall context before taking enforcement actions. The rules are typically aimed at derelict vehicles, which are inoperable, rusted, and left for long periods without updating their license plate stickers. Condominium corporations should evaluate the evidence as a whole before deciding to enforce a parking rule. There is no immediate need to rewrite rules, but periodic review and updating of rules are recommended. If there is uncertainty or complexity, seeking legal counsel specialized in condominium disputes can be helpful in navigating rule enforcement matters.


Ontario government, license plate renewal fees, license plate sticker, condominium parking rules, enforcement, breach, derelict vehicles, condominium corporation, valid registration, inoperable, rusted, condominium disputes, legal counsel.

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Kristi Sargeant-Kerr
No License Plate Sticker? How to Now Enforce Condominium Parking Rules?
June 3, 2022
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