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Next Generation Managers

Melissa Kirkaldie, RCM
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In this article, Melissa Kirkaldie, RCM, discusses the changing dynamics in the workplace as the millennial generation becomes a significant part of the workforce. She highlights the importance of adapting leadership and management styles to accommodate the expectations, work preferences, and team dynamics of millennials. Kirkaldie notes that millennials have a strong desire for feedback and recognition for their work, both positive and constructive. They are eager and productive team members when given the right tasks and responsibilities. Additionally, company culture plays a crucial role in motivating millennials to be efficient and contribute positively. Millennials often seek growth and advancement opportunities within an organization that aligns with their principles and lifestyle. Kirkaldie emphasizes the significance of trust, relationships, and regular team-building exercises in fostering a positive work environment and maintaining overall employee morale. Flexibility in work arrangements is essential to millennials, who value a work-life balance. Technology plays a crucial role in achieving this balance, as it allows for quick and easy communication. The article concludes by suggesting that the property management industry, with its potential for varied responsibilities and use of technology, can appeal to millennials and increase career satisfaction.


Melissa Kirkaldie, RCM, millennial generation, workforce, leadership, management styles, feedback, recognition, company culture, growth, advancement opportunities, trust, relationships, team-building exercises, work-life balance, flexibility, technology, property management industry, career satisfaction.

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Melissa Kirkaldie, RCM
Next Generation Managers
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