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Newcomer Perspective for the Condominium System—What do we need to know?

Hetham Karky
Publication date:
March 30, 2022
Article Summary: 

Newcomers to Ontario may choose to live in condominiums, but they need to be aware of the condominium legislation and governance system. In many countries, there may be no specific legislation for condominium issues, but in Ontario, the Condo Act regulates all condo corporations. Condo communities are governed by a board of directors, and various governing documents, such as the Declaration, By-laws, and Condo Rules, set out the rights and responsibilities of residents. The objective of these governing documents is to ensure peaceful and reasonable enjoyment of units and common elements by balancing the rights and responsibilities of all residents. To maintain harmonious living, residents should comply with the rules and have reasonable expectations for others' behavior.


CCI Review, Condominium System, Newcomers, Condominium Legislation, Condo Act, Board of Directors, Governing Documents, Declaration, By-laws, Condo Rules, Peaceful Enjoyment, Rights, Responsibilities, Harmonious Living, Ontario.

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Hetham Karky
Newcomer Perspective for the Condominium System—What do we need to know?
March 30, 2022
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