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New Insights On Performance Management In The Future Of Work

Jess Huckins
Publication date:
October 7, 2019
Article Summary: 

Traditional performance management, which involves annual reviews and small pay raises, is losing popularity due to its negligible benefits and the fact that over half of workers believe it does not reflect their work or improve their performance. Informal check-ins have been found to be more effective in promoting trust, respect, and engagement at work. The number of companies conducting annual or semiannual reviews has been decreasing, and instead, organizations are prioritizing ongoing communication with employees through regular check-ins. More frequent and consistent feedback has been shown to increase trust, respect, and the belief that employees can grow within an organization. Showing appreciation and gratitude can also lead to deeper engagement. The article offers five quick ways for people leaders to infuse gratitude into the weekly check-in process. The article is based on findings from “The Future of Work is Human,” a survey of over 3,500 full-time workers from the United States, Canada, Ireland, and the United Kingdom.


traditional performance management, informal check-ins, ongoing communication, gratitude, engagement.

Source Citation: 
Jess Huckins
New Insights On Performance Management In The Future Of Work
October 7, 2019
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