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Moving Tips for First Time Bay Street Interns

Tolobi Rental Team
Publication date:
January 3, 2023
Article Summary: 

Moving to Bay Street for your first internship can be an exciting but challenging experience. Before deciding to move, consider factors like rent prices and the feasibility of commuting from your current location. Most internships are short-term, so finding suitable housing can be difficult, but options like short-term rentals and finding roommates can help. Leveraging public transit, such as the PATH and Union Station, can save you money on transportation costs. Overall, careful planning and exploration of housing options are essential for a successful move to Bay Street.


Bay Street, internship, Toronto, Financial District, rent, housing, short-term rentals, roommates, public transit, PATH, Union Station, commuting, transportation, moving tips.

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Tolobi Rental Team
Moving Tips for First Time Bay Street Interns
January 3, 2023
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