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Mortgage brokers are slowly embracing AI tools like ChatGPT


Brennan Doherty
Publication date:
July 14, 2023
Article Summary: 

While AI tools like ChatGPT are making inroads into various industries, including fintech, the mortgage industry is slowly embracing these technologies. Some Canadian mortgage brokers are using AI to save time in tasks like crafting emails, content plans, and product research. AI can also act as a research tool for mortgage marketing and help brokers communicate complex financial terms in simpler language. Additionally, some proprietary AI programs have been used to facilitate mortgage transactions, but trust remains a significant stumbling block for wider AI adoption in the industry. Despite the potential benefits, many brokers are currently focused on surviving in a challenging market and may be hesitant to fully adopt AI.


AI tools, ChatGPT, mortgage industry, mortgage brokers, research tool, mortgage marketing, proprietary AI, mortgage transactions, trust, adoption, survival mode.

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Brennan Doherty
Mortgage brokers are slowly embracing AI tools like ChatGPT
July 14, 2023
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