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Mental Health Resources for Condominium Managers

Daryl Norrie, RCM
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The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a rise in mental health issues among individuals, affecting condominium communities and property managers alike. Condominium managers are facing increased stress due to the pandemic and its associated challenges. The article discusses how property managers can recognize and address mental health issues in their communities, particularly focusing on addiction and dementia. It emphasizes the importance of treating mental illness as an illness and providing support without judgment. The article also provides practical resources and suggestions for helping residents dealing with addiction and dementia, including information about professional services and crisis teams. It highlights the importance of safety measures, such as having Naloxone Kits available for addiction-related emergencies, and offering support for older residents with dementia.


Mental health, property managers, pandemic, addiction, dementia, crisis team, support, safety measures, resources, community well-being.

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Daryl Norrie, RCM
Mental Health Resources for Condominium Managers
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