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Managing the Relationship Between the Manager, the Board, and the Owners

Bogdan Alexe, RCM
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Discusses the complex relationships that condominium managers must navigate between various stakeholders, including the board, owners, residents, and service providers. Managing these relationships requires a blend of skills, including legal and financial knowledge, as well as strong interpersonal skills. The condominium management role operates within a complex legal framework, adding another layer of complexity to interactions. Balancing the authority of the board with professionalism is key, especially when explaining that certain actions must adhere to legal procedures. When dealing with owners or residents, managers often have to enforce rules while maintaining compassion and integrity. Open and honest communication, combined with an understanding of individual perspectives, contributes to successful relationships. The article emphasizes that success in the condominium management field is built upon fostering healthy, positive interactions and maintaining trust and integrity.


Condominium management, Relationships, Stakeholders, Board, Owners, Residents, Service providers, Legal framework, Interpersonal skills, Authority, Communication, Integrity, Trust, Success, Reputation.

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Bogdan Alexe, RCM
Managing the Relationship Between the Manager, the Board, and the Owners
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