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Managing Morale in the Age of Licensing

Craig McMillan
Publication date:
November 25, 2022
Article Summary: 

In the article "Managing Morale in the Age of Licensing", the author discusses the increased demand for qualified Condominium Managers in Ontario due to licensing requirements, resulting in managers moving between organizations, early retirement, and promotions from supporting roles. With natural attrition and historically low unemployment figures, morale needs to be considered a high priority to attract and retain employees. The author provides five essential tools for building morale: career path, compensation packages, work load management, regular performance reviews, and team building. The article emphasizes the importance of a clear career path with achievable milestones, appropriate compensation packages, managing workloads to avoid overburdening, regular and frequent performance reviews, and building strong teams through positive day-to-day interactions, social events, access to learning opportunities, and encouraging managers to talk to each other about challenges.


Licensing, Condominium Managers, morale, career path, compensation packages, flexible work hours, benefit packages, RRSP employer contributions, vacation entitlement, continued education, reward programs, work load, resource management tools, performance reviews, team building, positive interactions, company social events, corporate responsibility initiatives, industry conferences, leadership, open-door policy.

Source Citation: 
Craig McMillan
Managing Morale in the Age of Licensing
November 25, 2022
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