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Maintaining Property Values

Toronto condo News
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Maintaining property values in condominium communities relies on effective financial management by the condo board. Properly managing condo fees is crucial to fund ongoing maintenance and avoid future financial surprises. Artificially low condo fees can lead to deferred maintenance and the need for special assessments, which are additional charges levied on owners to cover immediate expenses. Special assessments can strain owners financially and may lead to forced home sales for those unable to pay. Borrowing funds can be an alternative when immediate financing is needed, but it should be used judiciously to cover shortfalls and reduce overall costs.


Condo boards, property values, financial management, condo fees, preventative maintenance, reserve funds, special assessments, borrowing funds, financial planning, condominium communities, deferred maintenance, capital expenditures, financial responsibility, forced home sales.

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Toronto condo News
Maintaining Property Values
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