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Loving and Hating your Mat Well Grates

Rismat (FloorGuard) Matting Systems Inc
Publication date:
January 30, 2019
Article Summary: 

Rismat FloorGuard Mat Well Grates are often neglected due to the difficulty of removing the heavy metal grating, or it has corroded in to the side walls and requires specialized tools to access. When neglected, mat wells can begin to degrade beneath the surface, eventually collapsing or causing structural damage to the entrance area. To extend the life and functionality of the well, a thorough cleaning of mat wells twice per year and a comprehensive inspection of their condition is recommended. A waterproofing membrane is also recommended to protect the structure from water and salt damage and extend the life of the well. Mat wells can be an effective way to reduce floor pollution and act as a trap for larger particles.

Proper maintenance and the right grating system can help reduce the spread of airborne pollutants and provide a clean, secure and effective cleaning service, 24/7. Aluminum grating systems are rugged but can corrode and create slip-hazards when wet.


Rismat FloorGuard Mat Well Grates, well grate system, mat wells, corrosion resistant grate, cleaning and maintenance of mat wells, commercial sweepers, floor protection, tile and grout cleaning

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Rismat (FloorGuard) Matting Systems Inc
Loving and Hating your Mat Well Grates
January 30, 2019
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