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Leveraging Your Skills to Achieve Progression

Craig McMillan, RCM
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In this feature by Craig McMillan, the importance of skills, continuous learning, and personal growth in the field of condominium management is highlighted. McMillan emphasizes the need to adapt to evolving education requirements and to step out of one's comfort zone. He discusses various career paths within condominium management, including those who become deeply integrated in specific communities and those who move between service providers. McMillan addresses the question of how to achieve progression, acknowledging that there is no one-size-fits-all answer due to individual circumstances. He advises gaining experience, taking on responsibilities, pursuing education through organizations like ACMO, and developing leadership skills. The significance of RCM designation for career advancement is underscored, especially for roles involving leadership and people management. McMillan emphasizes traits like integrity, patience, even temper, and positive approach as essential for long-term success in condominium management.


Craig McMillan, condominium management, skills, continuous learning, career growth, education requirements, comfort zone, community involvement, service providers, career paths, ACMO, leadership, RCM designation, people management, professionalism, personal growth.

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Craig McMillan, RCM
Leveraging Your Skills to Achieve Progression
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