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Leveraging the Evolution of Online Communications to Manage Conflict

Marc Bhalla
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Explores the evolution of online communication and its impact on conflict management, particularly in condominium communities. The author highlights the shift from a more formal online communication style to a relaxed and informal one, emphasizing the importance of building relationships and connections through digital interactions. The author suggests that getting to know people on a more personal level through online interactions, such as video calls, can contribute to better relationships and conflict prevention. The article notes that conflicts often arise due to assumptions and misconceptions about others, which can be mitigated by understanding individuals' personalities and perspectives. By leveraging the evolving nature of online communication, conflict can be addressed proactively and relationships can be strengthened, leading to more effective conflict resolution in condominium communities.


online communication, conflict management, condominium communities, digital interactions, relationships, assumptions, misconceptions, conflict prevention, conflict resolution.

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Marc Bhalla
Leveraging the Evolution of Online Communications to Manage Conflict
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