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Leveraging Skills

Harry Nielsen
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The article focuses on the experience of a property manager who transitioned into the field of condominium management from a previous career in IT. The manager's story highlights the skills and experiences that were leveraged from their previous career to excel in condominium management. The manager emphasizes the importance of transferable skills such as budget management, leadership, problem-solving, and communication. The transition involved crafting a persuasive "elevator pitch" to showcase their value proposition to potential employers. The manager's background in safety, communication, and cost control from their IT career was applied effectively in their new role, along with adapting to the challenges of property management. The article concludes by noting the positive outcome of the career transition and the benefits it brought to both the individual and the property management company.


career transition, property manager, transferable skills, condominium management, skills leveraging, budget management, leadership, communication, safety, challenges, career growth.

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Harry Nielsen
Leveraging Skills
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