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Let’s Talk Condensation!

Nathan EF Atkin
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discusses the issue of window condensation in condominiums and provides insights into its causes and prevention. Window condensation occurs when warm, moist air inside the unit comes into contact with cold glass panes due to a temperature contrast between indoor and outdoor air. Contrary to common misconceptions, window condensation is a result of simple science and not a problem with the window itself. New windows, due to their airtight and energy-efficient design, can experience more condensation compared to older, less insulated windows. To prevent window condensation, residents can follow tips such as turning off humidifiers, using exhaust fans during activities that generate moisture, opening operable windows, and maintaining a suitable indoor temperature. The use of a hygrometer can help monitor humidity levels and explain the reasons behind window condensation to residents and board members.


Window condensation, condominiums, moisture, temperature contrast, airtight windows, prevention tips, hygrometer, humidity levels.

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Nathan EF Atkin
Let’s Talk Condensation!
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