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Let’s Get Digital and Build Happier, Healthier Condo Communities

Phillip Livingston
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Discusses the importance of digital communication for condo communities, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. With gym closures and changing rules, condo boards need effective communication strategies. Reopening amenities like gyms requires clear communication of rules, policies, and booking procedures. Digital platforms such as residents' portals, property management software, and email can provide flexibility, efficiency, and immediate updates. Online amenity booking systems can manage capacity and cleaning schedules, ensuring compliance with guidelines. Digital communication fosters community interaction, supports mental health, and maintains peace by enforcing rules. Post-pandemic, digital tools will continue to be essential for efficient communication and community engagement.


Digital communication, Condo communities, COVID-19, Amenities, Gym reopening, Rules and policies, Booking procedures, Residents' portal, Property management software, Community engagement, Mental health.

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Phillip Livingston
Let’s Get Digital and Build Happier, Healthier Condo Communities
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