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Legal Corner - Navigating Difficult Situations (& Board Members)

Erin Berney
Publication date:
June 28, 2023
Article Summary: 

Condominiums can experience conflicts between unit owners, unit owners and the board, and even among board members. To navigate difficult situations, communication tools and strategies are essential. Identifying whether the difficulty arises from a situation or individual is crucial. Board members should continuously educate themselves, practice empathy and compassion, and respond to requests or complaints in a reasonable time. Clear and simple communication, transparency in decision-making, and getting a mandate from owners on important issues can prevent conflicts. Avoidance strategies include avoiding "us" and "them" thinking, holding regular meetings, and setting clear communication boundaries. Legal action should be a last resort after all attempts at prevention and resolution have been made. Overall, boards should work with owners to prevent and resolve conflicts, remembering that they are all part of the same community.


condominiums, conflicts, communication, education, empathy, transparency, avoidance strategies, legal action, community, unit owners, board members, difficult situations.

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Erin Berney
Legal Corner - Navigating Difficult Situations (& Board Members)
June 28, 2023
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