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Leading a large self managed HOA with condo control

Lake Linganore Association
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This blog post discusses how the community of Lake Linganore, a large self-managed homeowner association (HOA) in Maryland, used Condo Control to streamline its operations and improve communication with residents. The post details the challenges faced by the HOA, including difficulty managing maintenance requests, tracking expenses, and communicating effectively with residents. It then describes how Condo Control's suite of software tools helped the HOA to overcome these challenges by improving communication, streamlining workflows, and providing a centralized platform for managing operations. The blog post also provides specific examples of how Condo Control was used by Lake Linganore, such as creating customized forms for maintenance requests and tracking expenses with detailed reports. The post concludes by emphasizing the importance of using technology to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of HOA operations.


self-managed HOA, Condo Control, communication, maintenance requests, expenses, workflows, and efficiency.

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Lake Linganore Association
Leading a large self managed HOA with condo control
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