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Key Measurements for Designing Your Perfect Patio

Lauren Dunec Hoang
Publication date:
July 15, 2022
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Key Measurements for Designing Your Perfect Patio

When adding a new patio, it is important to consider how large to make it. Patios that are too small can feel cramped and skid into garden beds, while large patios can be pricey and take up limited garden real estate. The key is to find the right balance of patio size for your needs and space without overshooting too much. These general sizing guidelines for a patio designed for a bistro set, dining table for four to six people, fire pit, backyard grill or multiple use areas can help ensure a space that fits your needs and prevents you from building more than you need. Be sure to check with your local building department before planning a new patio.

This cozy dining nook next to a home in Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood feels intimate and inviting with a bistro table and chairs nestled under the leafy canopy of a redbud tree. Architect Gary Beyerl constructed the patio using salvaged materials from other projects to create a mosaic-like floor of mixed stone, glass, tile and brick. Low stone walls protect surrounding garden beds from chairs that might be pushed back onto plantings in the narrow space. Round tables for four can fit comfortably on patios that are at least 10 by 10 feet (3 by 3 meters). Round tables for six require at least 10½ by 10½ feet (3.7 by 3.7 meters) or larger. Rectangular dining tables for six need at least 12 by 12 feet.


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Lauren Dunec Hoang
Key Measurements for Designing Your Perfect Patio
July 15, 2022
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