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Key Fobs vs Proximity Cards: What’s the Difference?

Affordable Lock Services Inc.
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Key fobs and proximity cards are both popular options for touchless entry systems in businesses. Key fobs use radio frequency identification (RFID) to transmit data over short distances, while proximity cards work over very short ranges and are read-only. The main differences between them include size and shape, use, and technology. Key fobs come in various sizes and styles and are often used for cars, while proximity cards are usually credit card-shaped and commonly used as ID cards in businesses. Key fobs use passive radio waves, Bluetooth, or Near Field Communication, while proximity cards use high-frequency radio waves.


Key fobs, proximity cards, touchless entry systems, RFID, tap technology, access control, size and shape, use, technology, radio waves, Bluetooth, Near Field Communication, business security.

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Affordable Lock Services Inc.
Key Fobs vs Proximity Cards: What’s the Difference?
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