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IT Risk Management Strategies And Best Practices

Jennifer Bridges
Publication date:
December 6, 2019
Article Summary: 

IT Risk Management Strategies And Best Practices

IT (information technology) has become so integrated into our personal and professional lives that it touches upon almost everything we do. Risk management in IT involves assessing the business risks associated with the use, ownership, operation and adoption of IT in an organization. To manage risk, it is important to identify the risk, analyze it, evaluate and rank it, and develop strategies to control it. IT project management software can help manage risks in IT and other projects.
Risk management strategies are used to identify, access and manage risks. This is done by understanding what the risk can do to the project, determining the likelihood of it occurring and the magnitude of its impact. If the risk becomes an actual issue, it is time for action. Risk response planning is used to take high-priority risks and decide how to treat them or modify them, while risk mitigation strategies apply to preventive and contingency plans. Transfer the risk is a transference strategy when the company transfers the risk to another entity.

Reduce the impact is a mitigation strategy where the company works to reduce the impact. Monitor & Review the Risk is used to track and monitor the progress of mitigating the risk.


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Jennifer Bridges
IT Risk Management Strategies And Best Practices
December 6, 2019
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