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It’s Time to Embrace Transformative Tech

Peter Altobelli
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In this article, Peter Altobelli highlights the importance of embracing transformative technology in the condominium management industry in Canada. He emphasizes that technology can enhance efficiency, productivity, and competitiveness in a busy condo marketplace. Altobelli discusses the significance of online services, big data analytics, artificial intelligence, and mobile software platforms in streamlining various aspects of condominium operations. He also introduces several game-changing apps for condominium managers and tenants, such as apps for tracking violations, package deliveries, and maintenance tasks. Altobelli emphasizes the need to develop a technology plan and provide proper training to leverage the benefits of technological advancements in the industry.


Peter Altobelli, transformative technology, condominium management, technology adoption, online services, big data analytics, artificial intelligence, mobile software platform, apps for condo management, package tracking, maintenance management, technology plan, training, efficiency, productivity, competitiveness.

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Peter Altobelli
It’s Time to Embrace Transformative Tech
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