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Is Your Wallpaper Peeling? Here’s Why

Sarah McKenzie
Publication date:
September 9, 2019
Article Summary: 

Peeling wallpaper is a frustrating problem that can be caused by various issues. In this article, the four most common reasons for peeling wallpaper in condominium buildings are discussed, along with potential solutions. These reasons include humidity issues, water leaks, termites, and improper installation. It is important to deal with the root cause of the problem before attempting any repairs to ensure that the wallpaper does not peel again in the near future. Choosing the right type of wallpaper and hiring an experienced installer can help prevent peeling in the first place.


peeling wallpaper, condominium buildings, humidity issues, water leaks, termites, improper installation, wallpaper repairs, interior design, experienced wallpaper installer, suitable wallpaper, staining, health implications, mould, root cause

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Sarah McKenzie
Is Your Wallpaper Peeling? Here’s Why
September 9, 2019
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