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Is your Indoor Air Healthy?

By Melissa Kois
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Emphasizes the importance of indoor air quality in condominiums, particularly in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. It highlights the role of vertical fan coil units (FCUs) in HVAC systems in high-rise residential buildings and the potential impact of aging FCUs on indoor air quality. The article discusses how viral microbes, including those from coughs and sneezes, can be circulated through the building's HVAC system, leading to poor indoor air quality. The University of Toronto study cited in the article underscores the link between indoor air quality and respiratory health, particularly for vulnerable populations. Neglected maintenance, lack of care, and aging components contribute to deteriorating indoor air quality. The article recommends regular assessment and proactive maintenance of FCUs by certified HVAC professionals to avoid issues related to efficiency, airflow, condensate, rust, fiberglass degradation, and mold growth. Strategies for improving indoor air quality include running HVAC systems at higher speeds, using higher-grade filters, and introducing Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV) units to supply fresh outdoor air. The article encourages building managers to change FCU filters regularly, assess HVAC equipment through qualified technicians, and consider retrofitting FCUs to enhance air quality and overall efficiency.


Indoor air quality, COVID-19, pandemic, vertical fan coil units, HVAC system, respiratory health, aging FCUs, maintenance, assessment, proactive care, mold growth, Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV), retrofitting, air filters, health and safety.

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By Melissa Kois
Is your Indoor Air Healthy?
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