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Interior Water Damage: Why the First 48 Hours Are So Critical

Paul Davis GTA West Group
Publication date:
August 21, 2020
Article Summary: 

In this blog post, Paul Davis emphasizes the importance of addressing interior water damage as quickly as possible, as the first 48 hours are crucial for mitigation efforts. They explain that excess moisture can quickly lead to mold growth, which can pose health risks for occupants and cause further damage to the structure. The post also outlines some steps that homeowners can take in the immediate aftermath of water damage, such as turning off the main water supply, shutting down electrical power, and contacting a professional restoration company.


interior water damage, 48 hours, mitigation, excess moisture, mold growth, health risks, occupants, structure, restoration company.

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Paul Davis GTA West Group
Interior Water Damage: Why the First 48 Hours Are So Critical
August 21, 2020
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