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Human Workplace Index: The Office – To Return Or Not To Return?

Sarah Bloznalis
Publication date:
April 5, 2022
Article Summary: 

The Human Workplace Index (HWI) survey focuses on the return to the office, one of the most critical factors for employees. More than half of the respondents report being required to return on-site on a full-time basis, but nearly 30% of workers don't agree with their employer's decision. The reasons include the belief that people have successfully worked remotely, people should have the option of in-person, remote, or hybrid work setup, and more. Additionally, financial concerns are a significant issue as workers worry about the extra expenses associated with on-site work. The article also highlights the importance of equity in the workplace, with remote or hybrid work benefiting women and people of color. Organizations should work towards creating a culture of equity, acceptance, and appreciation that respects individual employees and their needs, schedules, and concerns.


Human Workplace Index, return to office, remote work, equity, financial concerns.

Source Citation: 
Sarah Bloznalis
Human Workplace Index: The Office – To Return Or Not To Return?
April 5, 2022
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