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How Will the New Work-From-Home Movement Affect Condo Amenities?

Eric Plant, RCM
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Explores the impact of the new work-from-home movement on condominium amenities. It acknowledges the challenges of working from home in a condominium setting due to factors like noise and disruptions. The author suggests that the work-from-home trend is likely to continue, leading some companies to downsize office spaces and employees to seek alternative workspaces. To address this trend, some condominium developers are considering incorporating rentable workspaces into their designs. These spaces would provide residents with professional environments to work from without actually being at home. The concept of mobile workspaces and shared office facilities is not new, but it is gaining attention in the context of the work-from-home movement. Some developers are planning to offer fully-equipped office spaces and boardrooms within their buildings. This innovation could transform traditional condominium amenities, with underused spaces potentially being repurposed as offices or shared workspaces. The article speculates on potential changes in building amenities and the possibility of offering deeded office spaces alongside condominium units. It also raises the idea of wrap-around services for these office environments, similar to shared facilities in condominiums. However, the article acknowledges that the concept is still speculative and could face legal or unforeseen challenges.


Work-from-home, Condominium amenities, Rentable workspaces, Mobile workspaces, Shared office facilities, Condominium developers, Building design, Professional environments, Underused amenities, Office spaces, Retrofitting, Wrap-around services, Work-from-home trend, Pandemic, Innovation.

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Eric Plant, RCM
How Will the New Work-From-Home Movement Affect Condo Amenities?
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