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How Toxic Workplaces Hurt Workers and Your Bottom Line

John Rossheim
Publication date:
October 30, 2019
Article Summary: 

Toxic workplace cultures cause more damage than most organizations think, both in terms of company profits and workers' well-being. The toxic behaviors employees suffer at work, such as bullying, abrasive performance feedback, and discrimination, create high levels of stress that become contagious if left untreated. This environment takes a toll on employee health, which in turn increases employers' medical costs. Moreover, workers in toxic work environments go home to families drained, exhausted, and negative, which leads to the loss of high-performing employees. The costs of toxicity include culture-related turnover, unplanned absences, and increased medical costs, among others, which easily top $100 billion. However, organizations can establish core values that are rewarded, recognized, and enforced, and use data gathered through assessments and surveys on organizational culture to take action based on the data.


toxic work environments, bullying, performance feedback, discrimination, turnover, costs of toxicity, core values.

Source Citation: 
John Rossheim
How Toxic Workplaces Hurt Workers and Your Bottom Line
October 30, 2019
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