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How To Use Task Automation: Examples & Tools

Jennifer Bridges
Publication date:
February 24, 2022
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How To Use Task Automation: Examples & Tools

Task automation is a process by which software completes a work activity. It is important because it improves efficiency, adds to productivity and creates more accuracy in the work. Workflow automation is when software executes a process based on certain triggers that result in specific actions. Task automation can be used to speed up or simplify workflows and business processes, reduce the amount of manual labor required to do the work, and create value for the organization. Examples of task automation include business process management, email marketing, human resources, administrative tasks, social media posts, and more.

Task automation is good for business, but it requires task automation tools. We've done some research and have a few of the better task automation tools on the market.


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Jennifer Bridges
How To Use Task Automation: Examples & Tools
February 24, 2022
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