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How to Successfully Execute A Plan

Jennifer Bridges
Publication date:
August 12, 2019
Article Summary: 

How to Successfully Execute A Plan

Jennifer provides practical tips to help execute a project plan successfully, such as preparing the plan, creating the most thorough plan, monitoring the plan, manipulating constraints to increase control, and performing corrective measures to get back on track. These tips include clear communication, status reporting, identifying and tracking issues, risks and changes, and setting up reminders, triggers, automation, workflow, alerts.
Today's whiteboard session is about how to successfully execute a plan, which is one of the most fundamental actions that a leader, project manager or team member can make. To ensure success, it is important to document the plan, get approval to increase the budget, get more finances or partner with someone, and monitor the plan to ensure it's going as planned. Pro-Tip: Always have a Plan B in the drawer just in case. We should document our plan and communicate it to everyone who needs to know, including team members, stakeholders, and vendor partners. We should also update the plan on a regular consistent basis, communicate the status, use tools, and set up triggers.

We should monitor the plan to ensure it's going as planned and flag any new issues, risk, or requests for changes. We should use tools to indicate the variance of the schedule, cost and budgets, scope, and resources. We should also communicate the status of any issues, risk, and changes, and control the time.


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Jennifer Bridges
How to Successfully Execute A Plan
August 12, 2019
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