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How to Remove Smoke Damage from Brick

Rainbow International of Mississauga & Halton
Publication date:
March 29, 2018
Article Summary: 

The IICRC-certified experts at Rainbow Restoration can help remove smoke damage from brick with the right tips and tricks. Safety materials, a dry cleaning or'soot eraser' sponge, sponges and/or rags, drop cloth, tarp or plastic, commercial degreaser, baking soda, dish soap, vacuum with upholstery attachment or stiff brush, power/pressure washer, and adequate ventilation are essential for successful soot removal. Cover undamaged surfaces, brush the brick surface with dry brushing, and take off the next layer of soot with a chemical sponge. The most important details are to lift as much soot away as possible with a chemical/dry cleaning sponge, apply a degreaser, rinse and ring in a bucket of water, make a scrubbing paste with baking soda and dish soap, let the brick dry naturally, and priming and sealing brick surfaces with a fresh coat of paint. Rainbow Restoration® can help solve even the smelliest smoke and soot problems.


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Rainbow International of Mississauga & Halton
How to Remove Smoke Damage from Brick
March 29, 2018
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