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How To Reduce And Prevent Fireplace Smoke In Your Home

PuroClean Canada
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December 5, 2022
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How To Reduce And Prevent Fireplace Smoke In Your Home

Keep your damper open. Always make sure the damper is fully open before starting a fire and keep it open until the fire has completely burned out.

Use seasoned wood. Make sure the wood you are burning is seasoned or thoroughly dry. This wood is easier to ignite and produces less smoke than green wood.

Warm up the flue. Before starting a fire, warm up the flue by lighting some kindling or crumpled newspaper to warm the air inside the chimney. This will help the smoke move up the chimney more easily.

Provide enough air for combustion. Open a window slightly in the same room as the fireplace to provide additional oxygen for the fire to burn properly.

Get your chimney inspected and cleaned. Hire a certified professional to inspect and clean your chimney regularly to prevent blockages and creosote buildup.

Install a chimney cap. A chimney cap can prevent debris and animals from entering the chimney and causing blockages that can lead to smoke in your home.

Maintain proper air pressure. Keep your home well-ventilated to maintain proper air pressure and prevent smoke from entering your living quarters.

By following these steps and taking care of your fireplace and chimney, you can enjoy a cozy fire without filling your home with smoke.


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PuroClean Canada
How To Reduce And Prevent Fireplace Smoke In Your Home
December 5, 2022
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